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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Grandson's quilt

Here's me with Mickey's quilt. The friendship stars were made by members of the QuiltingForAll Yahoo group I belong to. We do a block swap every so often. This was the first swap I was in. I just said I wanted bright colors with black background. When hubby, Marco, and I were in Texas last September, I took Mickey to the local quilt shop and let him pick out the backing and border fabrics. I finished this just before his birthday on January 15 but it's still waiting to be mailed to him. I'm going to add some Valentine's candy and goodies first. This is my first "large" quilt.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Not much quilting done lately

I've been in a kind of slump I guess you'd say. Haven't sat behind the sewing machine in weeks. I am way behind on my Maker's Choice Exchange in my Yahoo group, Quilting For All. I still have one from December to do and the end of January is right around the corner. I've also signed up to do a potholder exchange in the same group, but those are not "due" until mid March. Plenty of time. I have been working a bit on hand piecing. As I told in my last posting, I've started hand piecing the quilt, Sylvia's Bridal Sampler. I just today finished my second block. I'll scan it later today after it's been ironed. Wednesday will be my sewing day. Come Hell or High Water, I'll be behind the sewing machine getting the December and January blocks sewn and then mailed. In the meantime, any free time at the telly will have to be spent working on my daughter's butterfly quilt. Still need to sew a few triangles together to make the border and then sew that all on and finish the other two straight borders. I also talked to Merel at the Birdblock in Amsterdam and she agreed that a border at the top and bottom would extend the square quilt into a rectangular shape which is what I really wanted. I realized it was smaller than I thought.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Like I Need Another Project

Well, I've pretty much decided to start yet another project. At least this is a long term project and not expected to be completed anytime soon. The quilt shop in Amsterdam, The Birdblock, just started a Sylvia's Bridal Sampler Quilt Club and like an idiot, I decided to join. We will be meet every two weeks on Wednesday morning. This means a train ride to Amsterdam for me which costs 9 Euros, so it can get a bit expensive, what with fabric and train ticket twice a month. I'll do my best to use my stash and only buy when I absolutely have to. I have almost finished one block. We won't necessarily be working on the same block. Each person has their own patterns and chooses their own blocks to make. We'll just be together to encourage each other and ask questions if needed and just plain old woman talk. Should be a lot of fun. This quilt will be hand pieced and hand quilted (probably). Here's a scan of my first block, Sarah's Favorite, G-7. Gonna need a little stretching to fit I think. It measured only 6" in the middle and it should be 6 1/2".

In the meantime, I've finished the Christmas Tree wall hanging and the quilt for my grandson. Pictures coming soon.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

First photo on my blog

Here I am with my Christmas Tree wall hanging. I was on my way to my friend's house to do some sewing together when I saw my neighbor. I wanted to show her what I had done and she took of picture of me with my work. I'm in the hall leading to the storage area below our apartment building where I have my bike.

I made this Christmas Tree in my quilting class. It is completely done with the hand. At the point in the picture, I had just sandwiched the layers together, but hadn't started quilting it yet. This was sometime in the beginning of December. It should have been finished in time to hang up for the holidays, but alas, it wasn't. I'm still working on it. Just the finishing touches now. It's quilted and bound. Only needs to have the little bells sewn on to the bottom of the light triangles and then put a label on it. When it's complete, I'll add a final picture before I put it away to await Christmas.

I'm also at the finishing stage of the Friendship Star quilt for my grandson. I only have to finish sewing the binding and adding a label and it's finished. Hope to get in the mail tomorrow. His birthday is January 15th but it won't arrive in Texas in time. I'll add a picture of it as well when it's finished.

So, now it's time to get back to my quilting. See you in the next installment.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Still no pictures

I'm so new at this blogging business it took me some time to figure out how to place another entry on my blog. LOL I hope if you are reading this, you'll have patience with me and come back again when there is something to see.

My good friend, Angelika, is coming over tonight since our quilting lesson was canceled and we will be finishing up our Christmas wall hanging. Obviously, neither of us got it finished in time. I only have to sew the binding on it and some bells on the front. Not sure it will be finished tonight, but I'll get a good start on finishing it.

The other quilt I'm working on is one for my darling grandson, Michael. He will be 8 on January 15. He lives in the US and it takes almost 2 weeks for a package to arrive there from The Netherlands, so needless to say, it won't be in Texas in time for his birthday. I'm almost finished tying it and then have to bind it. The 12 friendship stars were received from an exchange on my Yahoo group, Quilting For All. I asked for bright colors with a black background. When my hubby and I were in Texas in September, my grandson went with me to the quilt shop and he picked out the backing fabric and the sashing and inner border. I spoke to him recently and was excited that his quilt was nearly finished. I'm just disappointed I didn't get it finished in time. I'll take a picture of the quilt and make a card out of it and send it to him, so he'll have something in his hands while he's waiting for the mailman to deliver his special "made by grandmother"quilt. This will be my first completed quilt. (Not counting the little thing I put together 25 years ago for my youngest son. He would carry my nightgown around the house, so I decided to make it into a "quilt". It did have all the features, a top, a batting and a back. I just cut the gown into the biggest piece I could get and bought some blue fabric to back it and tied it together and blanket stitched the edges. He carried that thing around forever, calling it his blanket and gown. I'll have to ask him if he still has it. I'd love to see it after all these years.)