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Monday, January 26, 2009

Not much quilting done lately

I've been in a kind of slump I guess you'd say. Haven't sat behind the sewing machine in weeks. I am way behind on my Maker's Choice Exchange in my Yahoo group, Quilting For All. I still have one from December to do and the end of January is right around the corner. I've also signed up to do a potholder exchange in the same group, but those are not "due" until mid March. Plenty of time. I have been working a bit on hand piecing. As I told in my last posting, I've started hand piecing the quilt, Sylvia's Bridal Sampler. I just today finished my second block. I'll scan it later today after it's been ironed. Wednesday will be my sewing day. Come Hell or High Water, I'll be behind the sewing machine getting the December and January blocks sewn and then mailed. In the meantime, any free time at the telly will have to be spent working on my daughter's butterfly quilt. Still need to sew a few triangles together to make the border and then sew that all on and finish the other two straight borders. I also talked to Merel at the Birdblock in Amsterdam and she agreed that a border at the top and bottom would extend the square quilt into a rectangular shape which is what I really wanted. I realized it was smaller than I thought.

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