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Friday, August 21, 2009

Dinner tonight

Here's my first real mobile blog post.

Just goofing around

I'm going to leave this photo just because it's the photo I took at the mobile phone shop today to figure out where the photos went when they were sent to blog. I thought I had created a blog before from my phone, but never could figure it out. Now I have. I'm glad I was able to link my mobile phone to my existing blog, so now, I can take photos of my quilts and any other things and send it to my blog. How cool is that?

The main reason I went to the phone shop today was because last night when I was trying to use the internet on my phone (I wanted to try to see Facebook), I was not able to log in at Facebook. I still can't and don't know exactly why not but I since I was in the shop, I had several other questions. Mainly, I REALLY want an iPhone. I had the opportunity back in March or April when I renewed my contract to get an iPhone for free. I thought it was too big and that I really didn't need it if I wasn't going to do the internet with it, etc. In the meantime, I got on Facebook and both my daughter and my sister-in-law have iPhones and use them to send pictures to Facebook. I thought that would be cool to do it too. That's what I was trying to see if I could do with my phone (which apparently, I can't). Now, after talking to the guy in the store, my best option is to wait 4 months before my contract runs out and renew it then and take the iPhone for free. Darn, darn, darn. I could have one now and I don't and now I have to wait 20 months or I could fork over 1000 Euros and buy the iPhone myself, which I won't do. Now, I just have to count down the time until January 2011.