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Monday, March 29, 2010


I know this has nothing to do with quilting, but I wanted to share this with everyone who sees my blog. I bought Ginger in January when she was 9 weeks old. We were fortune enough to see her for the first time when she was 3 weeks old. My how the time has flown since then. That precious little puppy has grown enormously since then. She was just a tiny little thing that fit easily in my hand and today at 5 months, she is a whopping 10 kilos that I can barely hold onto with both hands now. She has consumed very much of my spare time, so I haven't gotten much quilting done but I plan to get started with my quilting again since I have so many unfinished quilts to do.

Close-up of the quilting

Just as it says in the title, a close-up of the quilting....long diagonal lines forming diamonds.

Quilt for Zoe

This is the pre-printed panel I bought for a quilt for Zoe, the daughter of our good friends, Edwin and Linda. Zoe is already 1 (February) and I'm still plugging away at the quilting. You can't see in this picture but what I've done is quilted around the outlines of the figures, the stripes on Piglets shirt, Tigger's stripes and the blades of grass. That was done in brown thread. I am now busy with quilting the background portion. That is in pale blue thread and as you can see in the close-up photo, just quilting long diagonal lines to form diamonds.

Fabric for Hayden's quilt

Found this pre-printed panel at the market last week. I was hoping to find the same fabric in pink which I already have. When I bought the pink fabric, I had the intention of only making 2 quilts, one for my friend's granddaughter and one for my great-niece, Lyla Grace Hudson. That would have been fine and dandy but then I found out the sex of my son's baby. It's a girl, so I needed another easy pink quilt. I went to the market and found this blue. It's exactly the same as the pink. The only difference will be the backing fabric. The pink ones are backed with the stripes you can see in the panel and the blue one will be backed with the pretty flowers. The green will be the binding. I just need to go and buy the other quilting foot for my sewing machine. The one that transports the fabric from the top as well. When I was machine quilting the other one, there were a few puckers here and there because it didn't go evenly under the foot. It still turned out nice but I wasn't completely pleased with the outcome, so before I do another machine quilt, I'll have to buy that foot.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Butterfly pillow for Lyn

Completly hand made. I had an email from Lyn that she LOVED the pillow and that it immediately went on her couch. I'm so happy she loved it. I put a lot of work into this and thought of her as I was making it, so there is definitely a part of me in it for sure.

Quilt for Hayden Zuiderhoek

I made this one from a panel that I machine quilted. Hayden is the granddaughter of my friend Marina.