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Monday, July 5, 2010


I have been horrible about keeping up with this blog and doing my quilting. I did manage to get Lyla's quilt finished enough to take it with me to America and finish the hand stitching once I got there. Pictures are still on Marco's camera or maybe somewhere on the computer but I haven't looked yet. Liesl (my niece and Lyla's mother) loved the quilt. It's the same quilt as the one for Hayden Zuiderhoek with a slight different binding. Little Lyla was already enjoying her quilt before we left. She was just learning to turn over and every time you lay her on her back on the quilt, she'd raise her legs up and flip over. Of course, her little arms were stuck under her for a while until she managed to get them out. I now have to make the quilt for granddaughter, Hayden Grace. Hers will be identical to Lyla's except in blue as you can see on an earlier blog post. I searched tonight for fabric to make a quilt for my great nephew, Wyatt Garin. He was born just before we left for vacation. Didn't get to see him since he's in Colorado and we were in Texas. I found a site with an adorable patchwork block fabric called Buck-A-Roo Baby Patchwork Panel. I think it's just perfect since Holly's horse gave birth last year to a colt that they named Buckaroo. They are a "cowboy" family and this will be perfect for Wyatt's quilt. I'll order the panel and backing fabric later in the week. I'm still plugging away on Zoe's Winnie-the-Pooh quilt. I don't have all that much left, but it's being done by hand, so it's taking me a lot longer than I originally thought. I hope it will fit her toddler bed that she'll probably be sleeping in by the time I get it finished. I'm bad, I know. We won't even talk about the other quilts on my list of quilts to finish. I've got my time cut out for the next couple of years for sure. Hope there aren't any more babies coming any time soon. LOL

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