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Saturday, January 8, 2011

No more commitments

I am taking on no more commitments until I have finished the ones I have at this moment. First and foremost are the 4 remaining blocks for my QuiltingforAll Yahoo group. After that, I have several baby quilts and the quilts for each of my 3 children. I have put this off too long. I'm posting here my To Do List:

1. 4 Maker's Choice blocks for QuiltingforAll Yahoo group
2. Zoe's baby quilt needs to be finished by her 2nd bday in February
3. Lyn's butterfly quilt that I hope to finish in time for her birthday in March
4. Hayden's baby quilt (one of two to be completed for her birthday)
5. Travis' quilt for his bday in April
6. Wyatt's baby quilt for his bday in May
7. Will and Holly's wedding quilt for their anniversary in September
8. Joe's quilt for his bday in November

Besides the above quilts, I have fabric for a quilt for Samantha and a second quilt for Lyla. I've also got squares for a quilt for myself as well as a star quilt I started in my quilting class but didn't get finished. My hope is to finish all of these quilts in 2011.

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