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Monday, November 28, 2011

End of year update

Although it really isn't the end of the year yet, I thought I'd update my blog now. I have not kept up to my end of the bargain as I last posted on January 8, 2011. First of all, I have taken on more commitments and secondly, I haven't come close to finishing the quilts on my list. The Maker's Choice blocks were of course finished and mailed. Zoe's quilt was finished in time for her birthday. As a side note, she loves her Winnie-the-Pooh quilt and sleeps with it every night. Lyn's quilt is in the same state of unfinished as it was as are all the other quilts with the exception of Hayden's quilt. Although I stopped working on the blue quilt, I have finished the other quilt and she will get it at Christmas when her daddy (my son, Travis) brings it home with him from San Antonio.

The new commitments are:
*Baby quilt for our friends here, Rianne
*Baby quilt for the grandson of the woman I work for (Hugo)
*Butterfly quilt for my great-niece, Caitlyn
*Wedding quilt for my nephew, Jonathan

I will try my best to get these quilts finished this year as I am planning on selling baby quilts on Etsy if these 2 new quilts turn out as I hope.

I originally wrote this on my iPhone but had the wrong address for sending it, so it didn't post, I have finally figured out the mistake and now it's working., I can now post directly from my phone which may help in keeping this blog up to date. I will now go look at my phone pictures and see if I have a photo of Hayden's quilt to post.

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