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Friday, June 28, 2013

Caitlyn and Hunter's quilts

I made a whirlwind trip to Texas in June. It should have been for three weeks but my father-in-law died in The Netherlands just a few days after I arrived, so I had to cut my trip short and head back home. I did manage to get Caitlyn's and Hunter's quilts finished and brought them with me.  My nephew, Seumas, was kind enough to drive his mom, girlfriend, Caitlyn and Hunter to Temple on Saturday before I left the next day. Here are the pictures I took of them with their quilts. 
Caitlyn, the butterfly. Cute how the picture turned out. 
Hunter loved his frogs and lay down right away when Lauren put him on it. 
Caitlyn posing on Hunter's quilt. 
Another picture of Hunter on his quilt. 
Hunter's quilt. 
Caitlyn's quilt taken at my house before I left. 

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