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Friday, June 28, 2013

Darling Little Fletcher

Here's a picture of Fletcher when he was born. 
He's a fighter that's for sure. He was born early. My niece, Holly, was having complications with the pregnancy so Fletcher had to arrive before he was ready. That was back in December 2012. He's doing very well now. 
There is a story about his quilt. I had a dream about his quilt. There was a little pirate in the middle with a treasure chest and surrounding the center "panel" were  jewel colored blocks, ie, ruby, emerald, sapphire, etc. Try as I may, I could not find any pirate fabric or even an appliqué pattern that I felt was suitable. Then I bought the May 2013 copy of Popular Quilting and found this pattern. 
It's perfect. I'm going to have to make some modifications in the fabric though. I found all the fabric on the Internet but its just too expensive. I'm going to order what I can from a shop in Sweden and then from there.

* Edited note. I am no longer making this quilt for Fletcher. The fabric was just too expensive and I couldn't figure a way to compromise with plain fabric and retain the pirate theme. I found a really cute quilt to go with The Rainbow Fish, so that's the new choice. Holly wasn't even familiar with the book so a book has been ordered to go along with the quilt. Both Wyatt and Fletcher will enjoy the book. Here's a picture of the quilt. Not sure if there is a pattern or not. 

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