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Friday, June 28, 2013

Lane's quilt

Lane is the son of my niece, Liesl Hudson. Liesl is Paul's oldest daughter and Lane is her second child. He's going to be 1 in a couple of days, so I had better get busy with his quilt. Here's a picture of it from the magazine. 
And here's a picture of the first street block. 
I'm working on another set of street blocks now. I don't like the fussy work involved in zig-zagging the white lane markers to the gray fabric. I'll be happy when these are done. I am making some modifications to the pattern of the quilt. First being that I am making each house different. Second being (I hope) to include some other buildings, ie, school, church, police and fire stations. I haven't found the block patterns yet but I have seen a couple that may work. Then the fun will come when I have to change the street pieces to accommodate the new blocks. Should this not happen, I'll just use the original layout with the different colored houses. 

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