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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Progress on Lane's Quilt

Yesterday, I got about 2 hours worth of work on Lane's quilt. Today, not as much accomplished in the same amount of time. I'm working on the curved street blocks. That is two curved seams per block and there are 10 blocks. Slowly but surely they are getting done. Here's a couple of pictures of the progress. 
These are the blocks I finished yesterday although I had already finished the top two stacks. 
These are the two curved blocks I have done today. Just need to zig-zag around the white stripe but I'll do that when all the blocks have been sewn. 

Next is the cross-walk blocks and that's the last of the street blocks. After that, the house blocks and any additional blocks I decide to add, ie. school, church, police and fire stations. 
Below you can see the street blocks layed out as they will appear in the quilt. The 6 blank spots are where the houses will go. 

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