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Sunday, September 8, 2013

More progress on Lane's quilt

I haven't gotten nearly as far on Lane's quilt as I intended. It should have been finished at least by the end if July. When I got back from my whirlwind trip to Texas in June, I did get started in the quilt and in fact, got all the blocks finished as you can see in the last entry. After that, we got some fantastic weather and it was just too hot to be in my room during the day and by evening I just didn't feel like sewing, so no progress was made. Well, I have finally gotten the blocks sewn into rows and the rows sewn into a quilt top. I have sandwiched the quilt with pins only and begun quilting. Here's a picture of the pinned sandwich. 
It looks great. Here is a picture showing all the pieces, front, back and binding. 
I'm really pleased with VW bus fabric I found for the back and those polka dots that are also on the house blocks will be perfect as the binding. I'll have to look on Pinterest and see if I can copy a picture of the car pouch I want to make to go with the quilt. This is not the one I thought I had pinned and now can't find, but it will do as an idea of what I want to make. 
That's about it for today's update. I am still working in the hand quilting. Not progressing as well as I'd like. My light in the living room for some reason seems dimmer than before and I'm having a hard time quilting at night which I previously had no problem doing. Maybe I purchased a lower watt bulb when I replaced it. 

That's all for now.